Imagine if...


Instead of feeling worried, anxious, or paralyzed, you walked confidently through the world with a feeling of internal peace and calm?

Instead of arguing with your loved ones way more than you’d like, you had the clarity and communication skills to set and maintain boundaries that feel good to you?

Instead of past trauma creeping up in ways that are disrupting your life, you experienced having options in every situation?

Instead of feeling lonely, isolated, disconnected, or left out, you connected with people in a way that feels safe and fun?

We will engage in honest self-exploration and inquiry about your relationships—leading to greater awareness and sense of freedom. We can also work on developing more love and acceptance towards yourself.


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Imagine if...


Instead of your teenager feeling anxious and plagued by perfectionism, they found a balance between their ambitions and having fun?

Instead of your teen struggling with low self-esteem, low self-confidence, or self-doubt, they listed off their strengths and talents with pride and joy?

Instead of your teenager reeling from the changes around them, they put words to their messy feelings and grounded themselves even amongst great change?

Instead of your teen hating their body, they saw themselves as a whole person who is worthy of love and respect?

Your adolescent and I will work together towards discovering what they really want in life, finding healthy ways to soothe, and developing belief in themselves and their abilities.


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